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Cozy Up to Danger

Cozy Up to Danger

Book 6 of the Cozy Up Series

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A man hiding from trouble. A stick-up crew running from the law. This is no time for quilting.

Ned Delahanty works at a rundown Wyoming convenience store. Nothing much happens there, just the way he likes it. Most customers pump their gas and drive off without ever stepping inside.

When a massive blizzard blows across the plains, that all changes. Several groups of customers seek shelter at Ned’s store. Among those searching for safety are a band of crooks with the cops hot on their trail.

Ned soon finds himself locked in a cunning battle of wits with his dangerous guests. Can Ned keep everyone safe before this notorious gang makes him their next target?

For Ned Delahanty is a man with a background he must protect. The U.S. government has spent a considerable amount keeping him hidden from an enemy bent on revenge. Now, everything is in danger of falling apart.


This fascinating series is perfect for fans who want clean fiction without losing laughs or action.

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Cozy mysteries just got tougher.

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