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The Side Hustle

The Side Hustle

Book 1 in the 509 Crime Stories

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Hard work leads to murder for a personal finance blogger. Two homicide detectives are about to find out why.

When Jacob Kidwell’s body is discovered, his death appears to be an accident.

Major Crimes Detectives Quinn Delaney and Marci Burkett discover layers of deception wrapping the young man’s life. They also find someone meddling in their investigation—a friend of the deceased hoping to help. He’s sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and creating new problems for the detectives.

Secrets, lies, and double-crosses are exposed as they hunt for the truth.

But Quinn has a secret of his own—one which could derail his career. Can he keep it hidden while searching for Jacob’s killer, or will his weakness cost him more than his job?

The Side Hustle is the first book in the 509 Crime Stories, a series of novels set in Eastern Washington with revolving lead characters. If you like police procedurals with compelling personalities, you’ll love this story.

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Praise for the 509 Crime Stories:

★★★★★ “This has been such a great series, and I very much recommend it.” – Gena
★★★★★ “Great characters and story. I just bought his next one.” – Pat
★★★★★ “The cops are real and compelling…” – Frank
★★★★★ “…a great read, with great characters, and always an interesting storyline!” – Augustin
★★★★★ “A great series that leaves one looking forward to more books to come.” – Keith
★★★★★ “Stumbled across the series and I’ve read six in a row now.” – Jeffers
★★★★★ “I’m happy reading Colin Conway’s work, easy reads without wasting words. Always a winner.” – Karin

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