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Strait Over Tackle

Strait Over Tackle

book 1 in the Flip-Flop Detective series

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Rule #1 - Only be where flip-flops can be worn.

Former deputy Sam Strait lives his life by a particular set of rules. They provide him freedom to do the things he wants where he wants with whom he wants. For a single man in his mid-thirties, things couldn’t get any better. Then why isn’t he happier?

When Sam returns home for the summer, he discovers a stranger dead in his boat. With cops and reporters crawling over his property, gone are the usual plans of soaking up the sun and whiling away the days in the arms of a beautiful woman. Instead, Sam embarks on journey to solve the mysterious death.

Soon, he’s being followed, harassed, and assaulted by figures demanding the return of something he had no idea he possessed. Sam would have been better to stay away for the summer, but he couldn’t have. He had to return home. The rules demanded it.

Strait Over Tackle is the first book in an exciting new series from the author of the 509 Crime Stories and the co-author of the Charlie-316 series.

If you like your crime fiction with a dose of humor, then pick up this book today!

(NOTE: The Flip-Flop Detective occurs in the same world as the 509 Crime Stories. The first book in that series is 
The Side Hustle.)

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