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Cutler's Chase

Cutler's Chase

book 2 in the John Cutler Mysteries

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What would you do for a murdered friend? John Cutler is about to find out.

When a friend is murdered, John Cutler is determined to find those responsible. This means running afoul of the local police department, a drug-running crew, and a wanted man who’s eluded capture for more than a decade.

Now, danger lurks around every corner and in the shadows, but Cutler isn’t easily intimidated. Instead, he’s the type who will doggedly pursue justice at risk to his own life.

Soon, bodies appear wherever Cutler’s been—a trail of destruction left by a desperate man to cover his tracks.

As John Cutler closes in on the truth, can he catch a killer before he escapes the law once again?


This gripping series is perfect for fans of Lawrence Block’s Matt Scudder mysteries and Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels.

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★★★★★ “Loved this book!
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Expect to stay up late!
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Another winner!
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Excellent second outing.
★★★★★ “Good read that was 
hard to leave before finishing.”

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