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Cutler's Cases

Cutler's Cases

book 4 in the John Cutler Mysteries

John Cutler Investigations is open for business. Unfortunately, things aren’t running smoothly.

Starting a private investigation business isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem. Former cop John Cutler is learning this the hard way. Soon after opening, he’s running afoul of local gangsters, crossing paths with jealous husbands, and searching for killers who don’t want to be found.

It’s all in a day’s work for Spokane’s newest private eye.

But did it have to be so damn hard?

Cutler’s Cases is a collection of five short stories from Colin Conway, the author of the John Cutler Mysteries and the 509 Crime Stories. If you like fast-paced crime fiction and heroes seeking redemption, then you’ll love John Cutler.

Grab Cutler’s Cases today and join the action!

(NOTE: The John Cutler Mysteries occur in the same world as the 509 Crime Stories. The first book in that series is The Side Hustle. The John Cutler stories begin fifteen years earlier so some of the officers in the 509 are seen at the beginning of their careers.)

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