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Cozy Up to Trouble-Christmas-Danger: Cozy Up Box Set 2

Cozy Up to Trouble-Christmas-Danger: Cozy Up Box Set 2

box set 2 in the Cozy Up Box Sets

Staying in the witness protection program shouldn’t be this difficult—or funny!

“Colin Conway has written the most unusual hero I've come across in a long time. Both touching and sweet with a razor-sharp edge. This is not your grandma's cozy.”- Libby Klein, Author of the Poppy McAllister Mysteries

The Cozy Up series is perfect for fans who want clean fiction without losing laughs or action. Get the fourth, fifth, and sixth books in this digital collection.

Cozy Up to Trouble: the death of a famous author forces a man hiding in the witness protection program to find the murderer. It’s like The Hardy Boys meet The Golden Girls.

Cozy Up to Christmas: a local cop accuses a mall Santa of masterminding a daring robbery. Imagine if Bad Santa had a better attitude and a cat.

Cozy Up to Danger: a stick-up crew on the run takes over a convenience store in the middle of a blizzard. Think Die Hard with cupcakes.


What readers are saying about the Cozy Up series:

★★★★★ This book, I have to say, hit all the right notes for me. ...this is one for you to check out!
★★★★★ The book is very well written, and the pace moves nicely. I went right to the next books in the series and bought them.
★★★★★ Cozy Up to Death by Colin Conway is the perfect book to get lost in.
★★★★★ Every once in a while, I am fortunate to find a new author that blows me away. Today it was Colin Conway and his book Cozy Up to Death.
★★★★★ This book is AWESOME! I loved it.
★★★★★ From the first paragraph I was hooked.

Grab the box set today and get set for the ride of your life!


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