Viva Las Vegas!

This post is arriving just as I'm making my way to Las Vegas.

According to the weather forecast, there won’t be much sun this week. That’s okay, though. It’ll still be warmer than Eastern Washington, which is expected to be 43°F today, which is about where the temperature will stay all week. Las Vegas is supposed to be 71° this afternoon. Quite a bump!

I’m taking this trip as the secretary for the Public Safety Writer’s Association. We meet about this time each year to work on our summer conference and deal with other matters. This is my first year as a board member, so I’m looking forward to the experience.

I’ve volunteered for other organizations in the past, such as the police union, a city initiative, and a couple of groups geared toward the commercial real estate industry. This is my first opportunity to be involved with the writing community in a capacity like this.

Going to Vegas used to be a big thrill. I was a member of the police union the first time I went. It was for labor law class. I went out every night and explored the strip. What a blast!

When I left law enforcement and returned to commercial real estate, I attended trade shows in Vegas every year for a decade. The joy I experienced wandering about Sin City seemed less each trip. A person can only be wide-eyed so many times.

I’m not complaining, though. Any trip to Vegas during the 509’s cold months is a bonus.

My youngest daughter was jealous when she heard of my trip. To her, Vegas is the Hollywood vision—parties and wild gambling. In reality, we’ve got a packed agenda for both workdays. The crazy potential will be low.

I'll let you know if anything changes. 😉

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