Vacant Lot Update

The Vacant Lot movie trailer is out, and its website is up!

Vacant Lot is a movie written by Bill Bancroft. If you don’t know, I helped Bill write Tales from the Road, a rock and roll biography (more on this at the bottom of the post).

Bill asked me if I wanted a non-speaking role in the movie because I still looked like a cop. As much as I try to smile, I guess I can still throw the cop vibes off when I need to. You can read more about this adventure in my blog post, “I’m a Movie Star!”

If you have a chance, check out the trailer on YouTube (click the image below). It’s only 90 seconds long, so you can be back here before your toast burns. If you pay attention, you can see me doing my best G-Man routine at the 0:54 mark. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

The principal actors in the movie, Beau Charles and Oskar Owens, are neat guys. Bill also starred in the movie, but you already know he’s cool because he worked with me (humble brag).

If you’d like to learn more about the movie, you can out its website here:

Interesting fact: the song in the trailer’s background is “848” from Utah: The Group, a band that Bill played in. You can learn about Bill and Utah: The Group in Tales from the Road: Sex, Drums, and Rock & Roll. If you’d like to hear the full song, you can find it here. We made a crazy video for it: “848” by Utah: The Group.


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