Poetry #1

Over the years, I’ve dabbled with writing poetry. In full disclosure, I don’t pretend to be a poet, and I’m not too fond of 99.9% of the poetry out there. While in college, the only poetry that ever “spoke” to me were some of the war poems written by soldiers.

My poems tend not to be romantic, as you will soon see. They can cover various topics and allow me to noodle around with myriad emotions. I’m not claiming that they are any good. I’m simply giving them some air to breathe.

If you like them, I will share more.



Dressed to Kill

Camouflaged to remain unseen
Teeth brushed and showered clean
A tailored suit and matching tie
It all begins with a winking eye
Lie after lie, she swallows down
Until I drive to the edge of town
She screams and begs to the bitter end
A caring gentleman, I love to pretend


Searching for Truth

I search for truth
In the heart of the night
Seeking the proof
That will make us right
There’s your version
Which doesn’t make sense
There’s my version
Which won’t pay the rent


The Kiss

When we kissed,
why were her eyes open?
to see her lover’s face?
to see who was watching?
because she had not given all?
When we kissed,
why did my eyes open?



Tick tock
Mocks the clock
Sit there awake, and
Let your mind bake
From the mild heat of boredom
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