Old Paperbacks Were Cool

Old Paperbacks

Here’s something cool.

I recently finished reading Ross Macdonald’s THE WAY SOME PEOPLE DIE. It’s a Lew Archer novel written in 1951. I loved the book. It’s pace was quick and it had some excellent banter in it.

But I thought I’d share some things I found interesting about the book’s physical form.

First, check out the cover and the price. 50 cents! Wow.

The back copy was also a trip. I love the comment that Lew Archer starred in the motion picture, HARPER. It was an excellent movie with Paul Newman, but the lead character was “Lew Harper” not Archer.

And check out Ruth’s bio—“…she was a teen-age delinquent whose dreams were made of stuff…”

Finally, check out the cast of characters at the beginning of the book! What do you think about that?

The Way Some People Die book front cover
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