Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Well, the day after the new year. I figured you were busy yesterday and didn’t want to hear from me. Hopefully, you spent January 1st hangover free. I stopped drinking about a year and a half ago. I never drank a lot, but I was getting so many migraines that I was hoping to find a link.

Unfortunately, the link between a beer and a migraine wasn’t there. Since I abstained for a few months, I figured why not go for a year? When the year passed, I simply continued my teetotaling ways.

It’s funny how habits get made. I often wake up early every morning to write so as not to disturb my family. Once they get up and there’s noise in the house, my writing time is over. I’ve been waking up early (often at 4:30 a.m.) to write that it’s almost second nature. No alarms. Just pop up and start writing 1,000 words a day. It’s amazing what that has resulted in.

When I wrote my first book, I never imagined writing a second. At last count, I’m at 31 books (not including box sets or anthologies). That’s mindboggling, and it’s growing faster this year!

What’s Coming in 2024

I have four books in the 509 Crime Stories scheduled for release this year. They’re written, edited, and just waiting in the queue.

The Path of Progress—February 3, 2024
When the Wicked Rest—May 4, 2024
The Golden Witness—August 3, 2024
The Wasted Pawn—November 2, 2024 (waiting on cover design)


Cutler’s Legacy, the sixth book in the John Cutler Mysteries, is also done and ready for release. I just haven’t set a publication date. I expect this to be out in March.

Plan to see Cozy Up to Mystery (book 8 in the Cozy Up series) and The Silence of the Dead (book 6) in the Charlies-316 series later this year. Both are written and going through the editing process now.

I’ll slip in some eBook box sets, too. Cutler hasn’t had the box set treatment yet, and books 10-12 in the 509 need to be packaged that way.

Phew! That’s a lot to keep track of, but I’ll let you know when anything new arrives. 😁

That’s all I’ve got for you today.

I hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. Here’s to 2024. Let’s make it something special!


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